| I am a recovering space-repetitionist. |

Spaced repetition is a learning technique.
For a few last years, I have been using it while learning voculary.
I have diligently used it for a few years and then I have decided to stop.
Spaced repetition does not consider relevance of individual vocabulary entries.
This means that one will inevitably waste his/hers time with refreshing irrelevant pieces of data.
This is a waste of time.
The waste is proportional to the size of the database.

For the moment, I will just relax and continue exposing myself with the foreign language.
When I stumble upon a new word, I will try to remember it.
There will be cases when I succeed.
If I fail and a given word appears in the text again, I will get another chance.
If I fail and a given word will not appear in the text again, I do not care.